Newborn photography sessions are now offered in the comfort of your own home. All props, backdrops, outfits, lights and gear needed are brought into your home and setup for a traditional newborn session. No need to worry about getting out of the house too soon, forgetting anything, or stressing about keeping older children entertained during our session. This is not a lifestyle session, still a traditional newborn photo session like the photos you see below. Baby needs to be under 14 days old unless a nicu baby to help our newborn stay in he or she's sleepy poses. If you are unsure of your delivery day, it's okay. We can get your tentatively on the schedule and adjust if your baby is delivered early or late. This just allows me to be prepared for our upcoming session. 

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Maternity sessions can be combined with your newborn session to give you the best deal. We offer a selection of gowns as well so you do not have to buy anything for your session. Most Mom's should schedule their session between 32-37 weeks along unless a Dr has told you that you may deliver early then you may want to adjust.